Amazing Back To School Planning With Activities In Kindergarten and First Grade

It’s time for Back To School planning. If this is something you are thinking about right now then you are in the right place. Read this blog post and find out what is in my back to school resource.

Busy…but need ideas and activities quickly? Go right to the resource below. Want to know more about this resource? Then keep reading!

back to school planning will be perfect with these forms and activities check out the cover and link here

Planning Instruction & Routines

In this resource you will get an editable instructional Calendar that is perfect for back to school planning and mapping out the whole year. There are two calendars – one has suggested headings (reading, writing, math, poem, etc.) and the other calendar allows you to edit that part and make it customizable for you. I also have a sample calendar so that you can see how I used it.

September calendar - example of the instructional calendar with link to the back to school planning and activities resource

There are also 7 pages of planning for the routines of your classroom. Use these pages to think through and write down the routines you would like to use in your classroom. I also included 5 pages that explain how I ran my classroom and examples of some routines that worked for me. Here is an example of a planning page:

Routines and procedures - example of a planning page with link to the back to school planning and activities resource

Parent & Teacher Forms

There are 4 forms for parents to fill out and a variety of teacher forms (contact logs, transportation, allergies, important people, birthdays, passwords and To Do lists). There are cover pages included so you can put this information into a binder. You will feel so organized once this information is set up.

Example of a transportation page with link to the back to school planning and activities resource

Activities For The First Few Days

As you do your back to school planning you will find a variety of activities that are perfect for the first few days of school. One thing I love to do is give out “Wow” Bags at the Meet and Greet (day before school begins) and kids return the bags during the first week of school so that each day a few kids can share what is in their bag. This allows us to get to know each other better.

Photo of WOW bag with a link to the back to school resource

There is a classroom tour with editable cards, class books with writing pages, playdough pages, and a color experiment.

I also have First Day of School Crowns/Headbands. Although they are included inside this resource, the crowns/headbands are for FREE right here (click on picture):

First day of school headbands FREEBIE with a link

Songs & Stories

Also included in this resource are two songs. One you can sing in the morning and the other song is for the end of the day. These songs are also included in this set of Circle Time Songs (just click on the picture to check it out if you are looking for more songs):

Circle time songs cover and link

In the Back To School resource there is also a very FUN PowerPoint story that comes in video as well. It’s all about the first day of school.

Example of a slide from the back to school story with a link to the resource

The First Phone Call

Ready to meet your class? And the parents too? I make a phone call to each family the week before school starts. I like to introduce myself and get to know my families, answer their questions, find out how their child gets home from school and get any information I need before the first day of school! Inside this resource I include a page that I use when I make these phone calls. Calling families makes a great first impression AND allows for less chaos on that very first day of school. Notice I didn’t say NO chaos…just less!

If this sounds like the type of resource that you have been wanting for your classroom, click the picture below to check it out!

back to school planning will be perfect with these forms and activities check out the cover and link here

Need more resources as you head back to school? Take a look at some of the resources below. Just click on the picture and go right to it!

Worried about making sub plans at the last minute? No worries! Prep it NOW! Here is a blog post to give you some tips.

Quick and Easy sub plans bundle cover and link

Need some music get through the first month? How about an entire year? Check out this blog post to learn how I use music and make a Poetry Journal (or Song Journal) that lasts the entire year!

August song bundle cover with a link to the resource
43 full year song bundle cover with a link to the resource

Here is a scrapbook that you can use monthly. It allows you to collect writing samples throughout the year for conferences and highlighting student progress. It also makes an amazing end of the year gift for your students. Here is a blog post explaining the process.

Scrapbook cover with a link

Check out this bundle of alphabet activities. Maybe you just need one or two more resources to add to your collection. Maybe you need ALL of them. Take a look at this bundle and see if there is anything that would benefit your kids. This blog post explains it all!

Alphabet activities bundle with a link

Have a great Back To School season!

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