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An Insect Unit In The Kindergarten and First Grade Classroom

Study An Insect

Kids are fascinated by insects! A great way to begin your Insect Unit is by giving each student a magnifying glass and go outside in the grass and dirt and have them hunt for bugs. They will go “buggy” for this! Have them come back into the classroom (or do this right outside) and draw what they found and label the parts of an insect they know. They could also write a sentence about the bug. Let them know that they will be learning all about these little friends called insects.

Another way to study an insect is to bring one into the classroom for observation in a cage or jar (with holes for air). Maybe you will want to buy and ant farm for your class or some caterpillars to watch them become butterflies.

Insect Songs

Go to YouTube and find a bunch of songs about insects for kids! Sing them during Circle Time or throughout the day to keep students inspired and excited. I also have a song that I wrote that is all about insects. This song comes with activities.

insect song cover and link

Insect Writing

This is a great time to do some research about insects. Do some informational writing and have the kids record facts about insects. Or have your students finish a writing prompt about insects.

Here is a blog post where I share with you how I teach informational writing to my students:

Informational Writing In The Kindergarten Classroom

If you need something already planned out for you check out these resources:

informational writing insects cover and link
informational writing butterflies cover and link
anchor charts for insect unit cover and link
writing center cover and link for insect unit

Insect Centers

There are fun centers at Lakeshore where you can let kids observe real insects that are in glass or look at pictures of insects through a viewer. So many fun ideas for an Insect Unit! You could also do Insect Write the Room and fine motor practice using the insect theme. There are also lots of great writing prompts and cards for the Writing Center.

insect writing bundle cover and link
boom cards for insects unit cover and link

Whatever activities you choose will be a joy for your classroom!

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