How To Create An Amazing Ocean Animal Unit In Kindergarten And First Grade

Are you ready to give your kindergarten or first grade classroom a little pizzaz with an ocean animal unit? Check out these tips for making this unit fun and engaging!

Circle Time Songs

Hop on YouTube and find some fun songs for your ocean animal unit. There are so many songs out there! Sing them during Circle Time, in transitions, end of the day and just for fun. If you need a song with a video and some activities check out the song below: “Bottom Of The Sea”! SO…MUCH…FUN!

Bottom Of The Sea song cover

Integrate Into Writing

An ocean animal unit is just not complete without some facts about the animals! Grab some books from your school library, some chart paper and the attention of your students. Read about the ocean and all the animals in it. OR…learn about a specific ocean animal. On the chart paper write some facts about the animal and draw and label the animal as well. Have students go back to their tables or desks and write or illustrate the facts they learned. You could stop there OR you could keep going and have them write these facts in complete sentences. This process could be done in one day OR spread it out over 3 to 5 days. If you need more ideas and specific activities, check out the links below by clicking on the pictures.

ocean animal anchor chart cover and link
ocean animal reports cover and link
ocean animal informational writing cover and link

Check out this blog post if you want to understand how I do informational writing in the classroom: Informational Writing in the Kindergarten Classroom

Add To Centers

Do your students love Write the Room? Need more for your Fine Motor center? Want to make your Writing Center spectacular? Check out the links below for some fun center activities to add to your Ocean Animal Unit.

writing bundle cover and link

Thematic Worksheets

Below are some sub plans that you will LOVE. However, what I love even more is that if you don’t use ALL the activities for your sub you can use these activities during your Ocean Animal Unit. There are so many worksheets and activities! Just click the link below and see how it could work for you. There are math pages, science worksheets, writing activities and lots of phonics activities as well as reading decodable passages.

ocean animal sub plan cover and link

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