How To Make Your Classroom Sleep Like A Baby By The End Of A School Year

All of these tips I’m about to share with you may seem overwhelming at the end of a school year. There is a lot to do just to get to the end of the year. But remember that the beginning of the school year is just as (if not more) overwhelming than the end of the year. Here are a few tips to help you close up your classroom for the summer while making it better for “future” you. Even if you only pick one or two of these tips, you will be setting yourself up for success in the future. Each tip has an additional blog post that explains, in more detail, how to accomplish the tip. You might not be able to do everything but maybe you can do something.

Face The Mounds Of Paper

This is my favorite tip! I love paperwork…said NO teacher ever…except this teacher right here…me me me…I actually kinda like paperwork when it comes to organizing and sorting. I don’t like completing paperwork or “doing” paperwork. But I like getting rid of and organizing it.

Step one is…to admit you have a paper problem. Ha! Ha! Just kidding! Every teacher has a paper problem…it’s called “Stop Sending Me So Much Stuff!”

So, the very first step is to gather all the random papers that are covering your desk, table surfaces, sticking out of your book bag and hiding every possible place in your classroom.

Now – put them away (or throw/recycle them). Here is a blog post on how I deal with papers:

How To Organize Papers In The Classroom

You just want all of your papers put away or thrown away before you leave for the summer so that you don’t have to deal with them when you return in the fall. My goal at the end of a school year, is to deal with the current and past paper now and get rid of as much of it as I can.

Don’t worry, you will get A LOT more paper in the fall.

You won’t miss out!

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Did I say declutter? But why? Listen, I know that teachers LOVE stuff and we see something useful in everything. As Dana K. White from A Slob Comes Clean always says, “You can keep anything but you can’t keep everything.” This might hurt some feelings OR it might give you some peace. For me, I love getting rid of things! Love it! Or at least love the IDEA of it. It can be overwhelming to do it though (even for – or especially for – me).

My advice to you is to start on one side of the room and go through each drawer, cupboard, crevice, surface, etc. Then clean it out. Get rid of things that you haven’t used in years. Get rid of things that you no longer want. There are so many ways to look at the process of decluttering but I wrote a whole blog post that is based on the process I learned from Dana K. White. If you have a way of decluttering that works for you that’s great! Maybe your classroom is already fully organized and just a few things need to be put away, also great! BUT maybe…just maybe you need a little help in this area. Check out this blog post!

5 Steps To Transform A Cluttered Classroom Into Your Dream Classroom

This process might not happen in just a few days (depending on how much stuff you have) and you might need to work on it over the summer or little by little during the next school year. That’s okay. For now your goal is to put away what is on surfaces and out in the open as you get ready to close up for the school year.

Organize Your Books

If you are anything like me, your books are everywhere by the end of the school year. Listen, I have good intentions…at the end of each month I file my books back into their little book tub homes and get out the next selection of books. But for some reason, at the end of the year, it feels like ALL the books decided to come out of the woodwork and then take over ALL surfaces of my classroom. Put them away. If that is too simple I made it a little more complicated…I mean…detailed, in this blog post:

How To Organize Your Classroom Books And Library In 3 Steps

Prep For The First Week Back

Say what? Why would I think about the next year before this year is over? If you have parent volunteers and everything is prepped for the rest of this school year and you don’t have a lot for them to do AND you don’t want them to just sit around watching you teach…have them prep things for next year. Or maybe the school year is over and you are getting ready for summer…take a few minutes and figure out what needs to be done for the first few weeks of school. Copy things that you can take home and work on over the summer. Check out this blog post if you want to learn how to get ahead of the ball:

5 Ways To Prepare For The Next School Year

If you need some help knowing what to prepare for the next school year, this Back To School Resource will help you:

end of a school year back to school resource cover with link

This is just a reminder…

You don’t have to do everything listed here but, the more you do now the less you will have to do later. Eventually the papers, cleaning and organizing and preparing will need to be done. The question is…when will YOU want to do it? Maybe you will have a few free days this summer to come in and work on each of these tips. That’s great if you do and are allowed have access to your room over the summer.

But no matter what you choose…HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

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