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Learning About Zoo Animals In Kindergarten And First Grade

Are you taking your class to the zoo this spring? Maybe you are doing a full unit on zoo animals in kindergarten or first grade? Here are some ways to tie academics into your zoo animal unit.

Teach Informational Writing

You can teach zoo animals in kindergarten and first grade by teaching (or reviewing) informational writing to your class. I talk about how to teach informational writing to your kids in this blog post.

Do animal reports with your class. Let them illustrate or write the facts that they learn. Here are two different ways you can do reports or informational writing with your students. Check them out!

informational writing zoo animals cover and link
zoo animals in kindergarten and first grade zoo animal report bundle cover and link

Teach Performance Skills

Put on a musical performance using my Zoo Musical OR don’t put on a performance just use the songs for fun in the classroom and use the activities during your Zoo Unit. However, if they need a performance grade at all you could teach your class a song or two and divide into groups and let them perform for each other.


zoo musical for learning about zoo animals in kindergarten and first grade

Here is a FREE Zoo Song (not part of the musical but you could use it for a performance).

FREE Zoo Song cover and link

Teach New Centers

I honestly love to turn ANY theme or unit into a writing experience. What better to do this than have a writing center dedicated to zoo animals?! Just set out some picture cards and writing paper and let them GO AT IT!!!!

Here are some other great activities that you could set out at a Writing Centers:

Zoo Writing Bundle cover and link

Here are a few more ideas for some new centers for your students. These will be great activities for a unit on zoo animals in kindergarten and first grade.

Beat the Lion centers game cover and link
zoo animals boom cards cover and link

This last picture is my Zoo Sub Plans, however, if you don’t need a sub you could also use these worksheets for a ZOO DAY or throughout your Zoo Unit. There are worksheets for math, reading, writing science. They will be great to fill in any center or whole group gaps in your day.

zoo animals sub plans cover and link

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