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Farm Animal Activities In The Kindergarten And 1st Grade Classroom

Farm animal activities are so much fun for kids! You might have time to teach an entire week on farm animals OR you may only have time for one day. Either way, here are some tips to incorporate farm animal activities during your Farm Unit.

Write About It

One of my favorite ways to incorporate themes into my classroom is through writing. Kids LOVE to learn about animals and a Farm Unit is the perfect time to teach (or review) informational writing. Pick a farm animal and choose a book to read to your class about this animal. If you are studying two or more animals you could also do a Compare and Contrast between the animals or label the animal parts using anchor charts. Have them illustrate or write (or a combination of the two) a few facts about the animal and students can share their reports with the class. All you need is a book, chart paper and some writing paper and you can do this with your class.

However, if you are wanting something more and already created for you…check out these resources:

farm animals report bundle cover with a picture of a bunny and a link
informational writing about farm animals cover and link
farm animal anchor charts cover and link

Sing About It

Something else I love to do with my students is SING!!! Kids love predictable songs and they also love to move. Find some great YouTube videos with songs and let them dance and sing away while learning about farm animals.

If you need a new song check out this one. It also comes with some activities that go with the song – use it all week.

farm animal activities and song with video cover and link

Add It To Your Centers

I’ll bet your centers are humming right along and the kids know just what to do and expect…BUT…sometimes they get tired of the same old thing. Add some farm animal activities to your centers and you will see a new level of engagement!

There are a ton of center ideas out there from which to choose. If you are tired of searching for the perfect centers and want some choices made for you…check out these centers:

writing bundle with farm animal activities cover and link
reading and writing chick bundle cover and link
beat the bunny center activity cover and link
farm animals boom cards cover and link

Leave It For Your SUB

Okay…this might be my favorite thing ever!!! I have a SUB plan resource that has a ton of farm animal activities!!! You have a choice: take a personal day and leave it for your sub OR use these activities during your farm animal unit yourself. I love the activities sooooo much that I almost don’t want a sub to use them…I want to use them myself! Ha! Ha! There are retelling pages, informational writing about two farm animals, math pages with farm animal pictures (plus story problems about farm animals), writing prompts about…you guessed it…farm animals, phonological awareness skills AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!

lots of farm animal activities in this quick and each farm animal sub plans resource

Have A Farm Day

Are you worried you will not have time for an entire week of farm thematic activities? Have a Farm Day! Bring in books about farm animals (fiction and nonfiction), include some puppets, work on farm animal story problems, finish farm animal story prompts, add and subtract using farm animal manipulatives, go on a field trip to a farm (even if it’s virtual) and sing about farm animals. There are so many ways to make this day engaging!

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