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3 Ways To Incorporate Weather Activities In A Kindergarten Or First Grade Classroom

The wind might be howling, or there is a blanket of snow, a downpour of rain or it could be a beautiful sunny day. EVERY day is a great day to study the weather and do some weather activities in YOUR classroom. Some teachers have a weather helper to peek outside and report the weather to the class during Circle Time. Other teachers like to incorporate the study of weather into their everyday work. Either way, here are three ways to incorporate weather into your classroom.

Sing Weather Songs

By far the easiest way to integrate weather into your everyday learning WHILE teaching concepts that will stick is to turn your lesson into a SONG!!!!! Add a new song to your weekly Poetry Journal (or Song Journal) and pick songs that teach concepts. If you are searching for a weather song, look for one that teaches multiple weather patterns and has a catchy tune that will help kids remember the different types of weather. I like to use this one:

weather song cover with link

Sing it over and over again! Repetition is great for the young brain. Weather songs are great to use during routines such as Carpet Time or Calendar Time.

Write About Weather

Another way to teach thematically is to infuse the theme into the academics. I love to teach kids to write. Young learners LOVE information and love to learn facts and TELL you all the facts that they ALREADY know about a topic. There are so many ways to teach your kids information about weather. You can google the topic and put together information that you want to teach them. Or find a video that supports the information you want them to know. There are anchor charts that you can create with your kids to help them compare and contrast the different types of weather as well. There are also amazing books about the topic that you can read to your kids.

I like to create PowerPoints that have pictures and information connected. This helps me stay focused while teaching – making sure that I’m hitting all the important points. It also allows me to think through the information ahead of time. It’s a little time consuming to put it together BUT it’s always worth it when I’m finished.

Feel free to do it yourself OR you can get something that is already created for you.

Informational Writing about weather cover with a link

Add Weather Activities To Centers

Continue to reinforce weather through activities added to centers. When it comes to science topics, it’s great to add them to your Reading Center, Writing Center and Digital Center. Add weather books to the Reading Corner and let them make their own books in the Writing Center. It’s also fun to practice typing the words in a digital program. Here are some fun ideas to add to your centers.

3 Weather activities in one bundle and here is the cover with a link
Weather Boom Cards cover and link

So there you have it! Three ways to help kindergarten and first grade students learn about the weather: use songs, write about it and add weather activities into your centers.

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