Making Sub Planning In Kindergarten Quick And Easy

Sub planning in kindergarten can be so stressful BUT it DOESN’T have to be! I want to show you how you can easily make your sub plans. In fact, once you make your initial set of plans, you don’t have to think as much about it again – just edit the parts that pertain to that specific day and move on. However, I hope this helps you see how you can set up sub plans quickly and easily using the resources in the “Quick & Easy Sub Plan Bundle”.

cover of a resource to make sub planning in kindergarten quick and easy

Editable Planning Pages

In these resources there are editable planning pages. These have been created to make planning easier for YOU. There is a page to type out your schedule, a page for making formal lesson plans, a procedure page (to write out how you do things during your day such as your lunch routine, bathroom rules, specific way you want kids to line up or go to the carpet, how you run your centers, etc), two pages for specific information (such as allergies) and a page for transportation.

The forms are super easy to type into however, they work IF you have Adobe Reader (always suggested that you have the most current version).

Checklists Help With Lesson Planning

I LOVE checklists and I especially LOVE the checklists in this resource bundle. They are perfect for a sub because they have codes on them that match the codes on the worksheets. This makes planning quick and easy for both you and the sub. That’s a WIN…WIN! I also love that they have the directions for the worksheet or activity printed directly on the checklist. You just have to decide which activities you want your sub to do and then print the checklist, check the boxes and copy the worksheets.

example of a math checklist and worksheet in the resource

What I also love is that when you are typing out your sub lesson plans you can just say “See Math Checklist” for any of the math worksheets (that are on that checklist) that you want your sub to do. The directions are already there.

Checklist & Worksheet Codes

There are 8 checklists in each resource within the Bundle. There are codes directly after each activity which matches the code on the top right corner of each worksheet. Also, each individual resource has an entire set of matching borders so if you mix and match resources (if you have the bundle) the page borders will help you know which pages go with the checklists as well.

The majority of the worksheets and activities are the same throughout ALL the resources. So my Farm Animal Sub Plans have the same skills and worksheets as the Penguin Sub Plans (but there are many differences and I’ll talk about those in a minute). There are multiple levels in each resource so you could use any of the sub plans during any point in the year.

Variety Of Activities

Here is my favorite part…there are so many skills included in each resource. If you have the bundle you will have MANY options for review of the same skills. I’m going to list out the skills you will find in EVERY resource (farm animals, penguins, rabbits, etc). Each resource is animal themed because kids are fascinated by animals. I will also explain what makes each resource a little different too. I love that they follow a similar pattern because the familiarity will help them when they have a sub.

  • Whole Group Rhyming (pictures change for each resource)
  • Whole Group Syllables (pictures change for each resource)
  • Whole Group Beginning/Middle/End Sounds (pictures change for each resource)
  • Whole Group Number Drawing (same in each – thematic picture changes)
  • Alphabet Activities (same four activities for each resource but the words OR pictures change)
  • Short Vowel Activities (same four activities for each resource but the words OR pictures change)
  • 5 Story Retell pages – students put the story in order (different stories in each resource)
  • Small Group Lessons: one alphabet lesson and one lesson for each vowel – with each lesson is a Practice Page to go over all the words and a Decodable Passage (passages/practice pages change in each resource)
  • 3 Writing Activities – a class book “Would You Rather”, Informational Writing and 5 writing prompts (same format in each resource but the theme and animals change)
  • Here are the skills for math: number order, number writing, counting on from any number, addition, subtraction, number sense, 4 addition story problems, 4 subtraction story problems (all of the math pages have the same format except number sense – but they all have different pictures that match the theme of each resource)
  • Draw An Animal – step by step drawing (animal changes in each resource)
  • Life Cycle Of An Animal (animal changes in each resource)
  • What Do You Think? – this is based on the life cycle and informational writing pages (animal changes in each resource)

Check Out My Video

Check out this short video to see how Quick & Easy it is to use this resource

Do you want to see if you have everything you need for your sub? Here is a FREE CHECKLIST to help you get ready for a sub.

grab this free substitute checklist to help with sub planning in kindergarten

Click on the picture below for a link to the Quick & Easy Sub Plan Bundle. I hope this makes sub planning in kindergarten Quick and Easy for you!

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