Fairy Tale Writing In The Kindergarten And First Grade Classroom

Fairy Tale writing…ahhhhh…there is nothing more exciting! Using familiar fairy tales while teaching kindergarteners and first graders how to write is very motivating. It’s hard enough teaching them how to write. But using a few tips and tricks will get them on the writing path to success. Here are some great ways to incorporate fairy tales into your everyday writing lessons.

Use Picture Cards

Fairy tale writing starts with pictures. Choose a fairy tale to focus on and bring in lots of pictures of the characters and scenes from the story. Use words to label the pictures. Here is an example from the Three Little Pigs.

pictures for vocabulary and link to bundle

Use Writing Prompts

There are so many ways to use writing prompts and incorporate fairy tales. You can do so through fun writing books, class book pages and labeling sounds and words. Here is an example of a fun writing prompt from the familiar tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. You can turn it into a class book when your students are finished.

example of a writing prompt and a link

Here is an example of a student book that could go with the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Students can draw pictures or glue them in.

example of a book and a link

Write The Room

Fairy tale writing can be as simple as writing a few words. What can be more fun than wandering the classroom on a hunt for fairy tale words to write. Here is an example from Three Billy Goats Gruff:

example of Write the Room and a link

Strengthen Fine Motor

Don’t forget to add some fine motor fun in there too! Strengthen their writing muscles by using clothespins and playing games that use those muscles. Here are some examples using the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood:

fairy tale writing example of a fine motor center and a link
fairy tale writing fine motor game and link

These are just a few ways to incorporate more academics into your fairy tale unit. If you want to try a FREE sample check out this FAIRY TALE WRITE THE ROOM.

fairy tale writing activity Write the Room and link to FREE resource

If you are needing any of the games and activities that were shown here, check these bundles out:

Fairy Tale Write the Room Bundle
Fairy Tale Writing Center Bundle

Maybe you want some songs? Check out this bundle:

Fairy Tale Song Bundle and link

If you want to know more about how I teach young children to write here is a blogpost dedicated to teaching writing:


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