Fairy Tale Songs In The Elementary Classroom

Fairy Tale Songs…I remember those days…oh wait…I don’t! I didn’t have songs for fairy tales when I was growing up. BUT I do remember all of the stories and they were some of my favorite. I want my kids to remember the stories too. That’s why I put them to music! Here are some ways you can use these songs too.

Fairy Tale Songs resource cover and link

Poetry Or Song Journal

Fairy Tales are familiar stories that many of our students already know. But turn the fairy tales into songs and they will never forget! Then put the songs into a song book like a Poetry or Song Journal and review them all year. Highlight letters or sight words and add another layer of learning. They can also illustrate each fairy tale.

Want to know how I use Poetry Journals in the classroom? Check it out here.

Retell The Story

Using the fairy tale songs kids can easily retell the stories. Retelling is an important skill for kids to learn and a learning standard too. I love cut and paste retelling pages to use for practice AND for assessment. In the early elementary years there are so many standards that must be assessed one-on-one. Being able to assess kids all at the same time is quite a feat…..these retelling pages are perfect for this. If you have any concerns about a specific student you can always do this page again one-on-one. But you don’t have to do EVERYONE one-on-one for this skill.

retelling page for Jack and the Beanstalk told from the Cow's point of view with a link


In this fairy tale songs resource there is an audio with vocals and an audio without vocals as well as a video. Having just the background music makes it perfect for performances and the videos help them learn the song. Learn all the songs then perform them for parents towards the end of the year. Maybe you are a Music Teacher? These would be fun songs for a K-2 performance if you are teaching a music unit on fairy tales. The songs tell the story. One song even has a twist. There are headbands included to make the performance adorable!

Engagement And Fun

Let’s face it…fairy tale songs are just…well…FUN! What could be more exciting or engaging than telling an entire story through a song? So let them sing their hearts out. Put on the headbands…sing…and work!

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