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Powerful Thematic Songs For Kindergarten And First Grade

Wait a minute…did you catch the title? Powerful songs? Well that might be a funny way to describe kindergarten and first grade music…don’t ya think?

What makes these songs so powerful is not the music all by itself, but what comes with the music. As I created songs with the young learner in mind, I wanted more than a song. I wanted to create a way to use a song throughout the week. So I set out to make my songs fun and entertaining while checking off some reading and writing standards too!

How? Read on and see…

Audio & Video

When using these thematic songs for kindergarten and first grade, there are two audio versions – one with vocals and one with only the background music (perfect for performance standards). BUT it gets better…there is also a video. Your kids can sing along while watching a video at the same time. This captivates the reluctant singer.

Use With Poetry Journals

Take a page of lyrics, copy and hole punch and put it in a notebook for a Poetry Journal or a Song Journal. Go back and review the songs throughout the year. OR just hang up the colored version near your whole group teaching area for easy access. Thematic songs are great for your Circle Time routine when you sing the song all week while teaching the theme. If you want more details about how I do Poetry Journals in the classroom check it out here:

Tips For Poetry Journals In The Classroom

Retelling Cut & Glue

These thematic songs for kindergarten and first grade include a sequencing page that allows students to practice retelling the songs. These cut and glue worksheets are perfect for extra retelling practice. Use a few of them each season to collect as assessment samples to meet your retelling standard. Here is an example of one that goes with the song “Recess Rules”:

Picture of a retelling page to "Recess Rules" with a link to the bundle

Reading & Writing Activities

There is an entire week’s worth of lesson plans in each song resource. Included are letters and sight words to highlight using the lyrics from the song. There are writing pages included; a labeling page and a writing prompt page. Check out an example lesson plan of how to put it together weekly in your classroom (same format for each song):

Lesson Plan for "Recess Rules" with a link to the bundle

Here is a full FREE song to check out all the pieces for yourself!

cover to a free song called "We Are All Unique" with a link

If you are ready for a FULL YEAR of thematic songs for kindergarten and first grade check it out here:

Thematic songs for kindergarten and first grade bundle cover with a link

Maybe you don’t want a full year but are interested in teaching one song a month. That’s perfect! I’ve got you covered. Here is the Mini Song Bundle with 12 songs for the year:

thematic songs for kindergarten and first grade mini bundle with link

Have fun singing and working all day long! Don’t let those songs get stuck in your head!

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