How To Make Valentine’s Day In Kindergarten Amazing

Valentine’s Day in kindergarten is such a fun day for kids! They are excited for a party, for candy and to give their friends the cards that they made. To keep some of that excitement a-bay until the party actually begins my top suggestion is to keep your kids busy sticking to the routine. Nothing hypes up kids more than getting out of routine. But, during the day it’s okay to have a ton of fun while working! Here are a few ways to make it amazing AND the secret to how I plan a simple party that the kids LOVE!

100 Hearts

Often Valentine’s Day and 100’s Day fall in the same week (sometimes the same day). So I like to make a giant 100’s chart on butcher paper and buy sticky notes in the shape of a heart. I write a number on each sticky note (1-100). I hide the numbers and the kids run off and find a numbered heart and stick it where it belongs on the giant 100’s chart. Then they run off and find another and then stick it on the chart. Once the chart is complete we sit in front of it and discuss math concepts.

Write About It

Valentine’s Day in kindergarten should include thematic activities as well as some fun academics. During my writing lessons I add some Valentine writing prompts. I actually have many of these prompts and center activities (including write the room) out during centers all month but I save a few pages specifically for Valentine’s Day to do as a whole group.

Writing bundle cover with link

Teach Kindness

February is a great month to emphasis kindness. Truthfully, that is something we discuss ALL year, BUT it’s a great time to review this character trait and focus on it. The kids get excited about bringing cards to their friends. It’s a great time to talk to them about making sure they are being kind and not leaving anyone out when they make these cards. I have written a song about kindness and February is a great time to teach it. There are even sequencing and writing activities that go with it.

Valentine's Day in kindergarten is a great time to teach kindness here is the cover to a song called Kindness and a link

Make A FUN But Simple Party

When it comes to Valentine’s Day in kindergarten, the party planning is SUPER simple. In fact, it’s my favorite party day to plan because I DON’T HAVE TO PLAN. You heard it here. The party plans itself…the kids bring their Valentines to class that day and leave them INSIDE their backpacks until the party. Then when the party starts they put their Valentines in the bags all at the SAME time.

Whoa! Say what? But wouldn’t that be a little chaotic?

YES, it can be. But that’s okay. It is actually a very productive chaos so I don’t mind it.

The kids set their bags on their tables, get their valentines and start putting them in bags. I stand in the middle of the classroom and if they are unable to read a name I read it for them and they run to the bag. It’s done in 15 to 20 minutes. Kids who finish early help others who are still working. That’s a win – win! Then we eat a sweet snack and they OPEN the cards. That’s the entire party. We don’t have to play games or or have elaborate centers because all they really want to do is read the cards. I let them choose ONE piece of candy too. They take the rest home (you are welcome parents).

That’s it. It’s actually a fabulous day!

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