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Groundhog Activities That Will Engage Young Readers And Writers

Groundhog Day is February 2. There are so many cute groundhog activities that can compliment this special day. In fact, there are so many ideas, you can plan out a whole week. Reading and writing are important parts of a kindergarten and first grade classroom. Activities such as reading stories to the class, playing center games, singing and learning how to write facts on a topic are vital to a balanced day. Let’s look at some engaging ideas for groundhogs that focus on reading and writing.

Groundhog Stories

There are some very cute books you can read to your students. Here are some books they will love:

The Night Before Groundhog Day – By Natasha Wing

Grumpy Groundhog – By Maureen Wright

Groundhog Secrets – By Lieve Snellings

Substitute Groundhog – Pat Miller

Informational Writing About Groundhogs

Teach your students about groundhogs using this printable and digital resource. There is a PowerPoint full of information about groundhogs and a variety of writing pages (including a foldable book) to use while gathering facts. You can differentiate using this resource as well.

Informational writing about groundhogs with link

The Groundhog Blues

I love songs! I wrote a groundhog song called “The Groundhog Blues”. There is a video that goes with this song along with a variety of activities including sequencing, writing pages and highlighting letters and sight words. You can have an entire week of reading and writing activities planned to go with this song.

Groundhog blues song and video cover with link
groundhog activities page from the song where students can highlight a letter in the song with a link
Another of the groundhog activities from the song Groundhog Blues - it's a writing activity with a link

Beat The Groundhog Game

Here is a center game for that is fun, easy to prep, easy to learn and covers a variety of skills. Practice letters, numbers, short vowels and math facts all in one game while working together to beat the groundhog.

cover of "Beat the Groundhog" math and phonics game with link

Have fun with these groundhog activities! Spend a day OR a WHOLE week learning about groundhogs and talking about that special day.

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