This Short Vowel Intervention Is A Joyful Way To Teach Kids How To Read

Ready to teach your student how to read short vowels? Here is a Short Vowel Intervention that will bring some joy to your small group teaching.

Here is an overview: Choose a vowel and word family for your small group focus then use the corresponding puppet for that vowel (there are 5 puppets – one for each vowel). Use the flashcards and fluency books as a skill practice warm up. There are student books for each vowel and decodable passages for each word family. There are also independent work pages that go with each word family. The puppets (which I call “Animal Friends”) help to make each vowel new and engaging. Use the puppet during whole group or small group (or both).

Here is what will make this program enjoyable for your kids.

Animal Friend Puppets

Kids LOVE puppets! Paper puppets, furry puppets, puppets with mouths open wide and puppets that don’t talk at all. Here is an example of what an animal friend puppet looks like in this intervention. If you don’t want to use it as a puppet you can just hang it up on your board. Many ways to use the animal friends.

Picture of Pat the Cat in the short vowel intervention - a puppet and a link to the resource

Bright Flashcards

Anything BRIGHT captures the attention of kids! Copy the short vowel flashcards on bright paper and use them as a quick warm up for your short vowel intervention. This makes flashcard time fun!

Fluency Books

Who doesn’t love a little competition? These short vowel fluency books bring a dash of fun with a skill that is otherwise pretty ordinary. There are 5 word families for each vowel and all the flashcards and decodable passages have these words as well. Time them for one minute and let them compete against themselves each day as they learn to become more fluent while reading the words. This is another great warm up for your students.

Short vowel fluency book cover with a link to the resource
Short a (at family) fluency page example with link to the resource

Decodable Passages With Animals Friends

The animal friends will appear in these decodable stories. This adds engagement to the stories. It makes them more curious to read the stories and find out what happens to their animal friends. It also adds personality to the puppets. Here is an example of a passage:

Short Vowel Intervention Decodable passage for short a with a link to the resource

There is also independent work pages for each word family and books for each vowel.

Photo of a completed worksheet for the "at" word family and a link to the resource
Photo of two pages in the short a book and a link to the resource

Having a strong short vowel intervention is important as you teach students to read. Decoding is so vital!

If you want this entire intervention check it out here:

Short Vowel Intervention

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