How To Use Alphabet Activities To Help Kindergarteners Master Letters And Sounds

Let’s find some fun alphabet activities that will help your kindergarteners master their letters and sounds! Whether it’s the beginning of the year and you are trying to find alphabet activities for ALL of your students OR it’s January and you are looking for some alphabet intervention activities for some of your students, these activities will be a hit with your kids.

Music & Movement

I love using music and movement to engage students. When students are engaged they learn so much faster. It makes sense…if you are engaged you listen! Reversely, if you are not engaged you are not listening therefore not able to retain information. Get them up, get them active and get them engaged. There are tons of songs out there but here is ONE more that your students will enjoy!

alphabet activities song The Alphabet cover and link

View and Do is one of my favorite ways to engage them. They watch slides (or a video) and shout out the letter names or sounds. There are exercises that will pop up randomly so they have to watch carefully so they have time to join in the fun. There are also recording sheets if you want to slow the activity down and get some writing practice.

Alphabet PowerPoint and video with action slides cover and link

Fluency Practice

Fluency is an important part of learning how to read. Start with letter fluency! This is great to do during small group instruction. Just copy the pages and staple together (including the cover) and pull them out to do a quick fluency practice in small groups a couple times a week (or daily if you have time). It just takes a minute.

alphabet activities fluency pages with link

Another way to practice fluency is using predictable books. These books also include handwriting and phonological awareness.

Letter Aa book example with link

Partner Games

Kids love games and they love working with friends! Put them together and you have a solid way to work on letters and sounds that will be fun and academic at the same time. Here is a FREE game called Beat the Puppy. This version only focuses on letters and sounds (my paid versions have many more skills included). This is a fun game that can be played competitively or cooperatively. Both ways are exciting!

Free alphabet game Beat the Puppy with link

Another fun game is Bunny! Bunny! The object it to name as many letters or sounds without getting the Bunny card. It’s a fun, fast paced game!

Alphabet game with link

Racecar Writing is an engaging way to practice letter writing. Land on a letter and trace it.

Racecar Writing picture with link

Independent Practice

I love independent practice alphabet activities. Use these activities as Seat Work before running off to centers. Or it could be a center activity. You could even use some of these activities during small group so that they are working while you are assessing students. Send the pages home as homework. Parents will love these activities too!

Page of letter Aa - cut and glue and write with link
Examples of Seat Work alphabet pages with link

Write the Room is an amazing center activity. I put it in the Writing Center as an option and change them out weekly (or thematically). I have also used Write the Room activities in a whole group.

Picture of Write the Room alphabet showing clipboard and cards with link

Help your students develop a strong reading foundation using some of these alphabet activities. Another important building block to create strong readers is phonological awareness. Check out this blogpost about Rhyming and Syllables.

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