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January Activities For Kindergarten and First Grade

It’s time to plan some January activities because it’s going to be a very busy month…but only busy with fun and engaging activities of course! I have five themes to talk about. Some of them may work for you and some may not. But that’s the beauty of an IDEA! There are ideas for everyone here: Those who have a ton of empty spaces on their lessons plans and those who have almost filled them up!


This theme could be taught anytime during January (and even into February). You can talk about the changes in weather between fall and winter and how it’s different in various parts of the country and in other countries. Some places get lots of snow and other places get sunshine all year long. Some years winter is mild and other years it’s heavy with snow, rain or ice. You can incorporate this theme in songs, centers and writing.

January activities song "It's Snowing Outside" cover and link
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January activities with Winter Informational Writing Bundle cover and link
Informational Writing Winter Class Books cover and link

Fairy Tales

This is the perfect time to teach Fairy Tales! There is a big block of teaching time during the month of January and it’s great to add music and FUN along with familiar stories and lots of comparing and contrasting to the day. It would even be a great time to do a little skit with the Fairy Tales (or start thinking about this for later in the year).

If you want simple songs and headbands that go along with the Fairy Tales I’ve got you covered. If you purchase the bundle you will receive an additional song that is ONLY in the Bundle. It’s also fun to incorporate Fairy Tales into centers.

Fairy Tales song bundle cover and link
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Martin Luther King Jr.

January is a great time to learn about black history and Martin Luther King Jr. is a great place to start. You can teach information about him and explain his accomplishments. You can even teach your class about other men and women who have influenced black history as well.

Write the Room Black History cover and link
Informational Writing Martin Luther King Jr. cover and link

Penguins & Polar Bears

I know that penguins and polar bears are well…”polar” opposites BUT I love to compare and contrast the two animals and their habitats. It’s also fun to learn fascinating facts about them and do some informational writing. Don’t forget to sing songs about them too!

January activities Song and Video Penguin Facts and Activities cover and link
January activities Song and Video and Activities cover and link
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January activities - Informational Writing Penguins cover and link
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Groundhog’s Day is coming up! Sometimes it coincides with the last week of January and can get lost in the planning. This could be taught before Groundhog’s Day or the week after. Here is some music, writing and a center game that will certainly be a hit!

Song and Video and Activities Groundhog Blues cover and link
Informational Writing Groundhogs cover and link
Beat the Groundhog Phonics and Math game cover and link

There is so much to do in January!

Have a blast planning out the first week of the year with some new January activities!!!

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