Math Center Activities For Kindergarten and First Grade

Math center activities are great when you can find ones that will compliment your current math program. I love to use activities that build number sense and also allow students to practice writing and identifying numbers. Many of the math center activities that I have created over the years work with most curriculums because number recognition and number sense are part of any program AND are the foundation to early numeracy. Here are some engaging math center activities that are low prep and high engagement.

Color By Code

Color by code number page with a link

Color by Code is easy to print and stick in a tub or tray for quick access. No prep (except to print) but high engagement. Kids love to go on a hunt! You can differentiate this color by code based on the number set you are using (numbers go from 1 to 120).

Spinner Game

picture of an apple spinner with a link

All you have to do is print then grab a paper clip and pencil and spin away! Name the number and move around the game board. This is so much fun and kids can do it independently or in partners (or small groups). It can also be easily differentiated based on the number sets the students need (includes numbers 1 to 120). This game is easy to stick into a tub and set out for endless play!

Clip It

Picture of a clip it card with a link

Clip It has academics AND fine motor wrapped into one. The game in the picture shows a student counting the objects in the 10 frame and clipping the number. Print, cut and set out with clothespins and let them clip away. Again, you can differentiate by number set (1 to 120).

Card Game

Picture of a number penguin game with a link

The card games are a blast! There is a secret picture in each set. Using these math center activities, you pick a card from the container, name the number and keep the card. If you get a penguin you return all your cards to the container. It’s a game that is fast pace and is engaging for kids of all levels! Print, cut and put into a container for endless fun!

Roll & Write

Picture of a Roll and Write page with a link

Just print and put into a container or tray with a number cube. Roll the cube write the number in that box and see which picture reaches the mailbox first. If time, do blackout – fill in all the boxes! This can be played independently or with a partner.

Number Reveal

Picture of number reveal cards with a link

Number Reveal also uses clothespins and allows for academics as well as fine motor skills. It’s easy to print, cut and fold then toss into a container. Low prep center – viola! Count the objects in the ten frames, say the number and check to see if you are correct.


Cover of Bingo Math Bundle for math center activities with a link

Bingo games make great math center activities. They can also be played in a whole group setting or in small groups. The skills included in this bundle are money, time, 2D shapes, measurement, number sense, addition 1-20 and subtraction 1-20. Just print the game boards and print and cut apart the “call out” pictures.

Roll & Cover

Cover for the Roll and Cover Game bundle which are also great math center activities with a link

Roll and Cover is an engaging math activity that is perfect to set out in centers. Just print and add dice. These games allow students to practice subtizing. This game helps them memorize dice patterns and fluently add the numbers together.

Beat It Games

Cover of Beat It with a link

This bundle has both phonics and math cards. For fun math center activities just add the math skill cards to the math center tubs and your students can practice numbers 1-30, addition facts and subtraction facts. There are cooperative and competitive versions of the game. The goal is to beat the animal by having more cards at the end of the game than the animals does.

Story Problems

Cover of printable story problems with a link
Cover of digital story problem bundle with a link

I love story problems! I have them in both paper and pencil into a Math Journal AND I have a digital version. They can even use Math Journals to keep a record of their work (Math Journal prompts and covers are included in the printed version).

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