Reading Center Games With Easy Prep And High Engagement

Reading center games are fun for kids to use! My favorite centers are ones that are simple to play, easy to explain and prepare AND have academic content. However, the most important thing to me is that the reading center games are so much fun to the kids that they don’t even realize they are learning! Here are 6 games that I love. They can be used all year long in different themes and skills.

Color By Code

Reading Center Games Color By Code picture and link

Color by Code is super easy to print and stick in a tub or tray for easy access. No prep (except to print) but high engagement. There are so many skills Color by Code could cover and kids LOVE go on a hunt. Even if it’s on paper!

Spinner Game

Spinner Game picture and link

All you have to do is print then grab a paper clip and pencil and spin away! Read a word or letter and move around the game board. This is so much fun and kids can do it independently or in partners (or small groups). This game is easy to stick into a tub and set out for endless play!

Clip It

Clip it picture and link

Clip It has academics AND fine motor wrapped into one. The game in the picture shows a student practicing counting syllables and clipping the number. Print, cut and set out with clothespins and let them clip away. There are so many skills you can practice with Clip It cards.

Card Game

reading center games picture and link

The card games are a blast! There is a secret picture in each set. Using these reading center games, you pick a card from the container, name the picture, say the beginning sound and keep the card. If you get a penguin you return all your cards to the container. It’s a game that is fast pace and is engaging for kids of all levels! Print, cut and put into a container for endless fun!

Roll & Write

Roll and Write picture and link

Just print and put into a container or tray with a number cube. Roll the cube write the number of syllables and see which picture reaches the heart first. If time, do blackout – fill in all the boxes! This can be played independently or with a partner.

Sound or Picture Reveal

Sound or Picture reveal picture and link

Sound (or Picture) Reveal also uses clothespins and allows for academics as well as fine motor skills. It’s easy to print, cut and fold then toss into a container. Low prep center – viola! Read the word and check the picture to see if you are correct.

These are examples of centers I would put in my Reading Games tubs and set on the centers shelf. There are a variety of seasonal themes with different skills in each seasonal set: letters & sounds, phonological awareness and short vowels (there is a Number 1-120 available as well). You might have some very easy, low prep and engaging centers for your Reading Tubs. But, in case you are searching for the perfect centers to increase student engagement for the entire year AND are low prep check out the picture below (and click).

Reading center games full year center bundle cover and link

Do you want to try out a few of these centers? Here is a FREE resource that shows a sample of the short vowel variation of these centers.

Free short vowel centers sample cover and link

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