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December Activities For Kindergarten and First Grade

December activities are set up in your classroom as we speak! Am I right? I mean you are ready for the WHOLE month of December, right? What else are you going to do during this month? Fortunately there are only three full weeks of December before most schools give some sort of Christmas or winter break. Some of you may even have less time this year. So if you are feeling a little unprepared in all sorts of ways this month NO WORRIES…just read on…


Begin your lesson with a FREE Reindeer Facts song! This is a fun song that teaches you about reindeer.

Reindeer Facts song and video cover and link

The song has activities and a retelling page that can help you plan some academics throughout the week. But I also have a full informational writing resource that will give your kids some engagement while learning or reviewing how to do informational writing. It’s differentiated so if they aren’t ready to write all the facts yet, they can illustrate them.

Reindeer informational writing cover and link

In this resource there is a PowerPoint full of information (which is also in digital) along with word cards, student books that match the PowerPoint, books to record the facts, writing pages and comprehension questions. This is perfect for kindergarten through second grade because there are differentiated recording pages.


I titled this Gingerbread…Why? You ask. Have you seen the number of gingerbread versions there are out there? You can spend an entire lifetime reading them. Something that could be really fun is to do two or three versions and compare them throughout the week. I like to begin with music and activities! I also have plenty of writing activities that are great for whole group instruction or centers. If you want to see how I use my Writing Center check out this blogpost.

Writing Center Activities For The Kindergarten and First Grade Classroom

gingerbread man song and video cover with link
gingerbread writing bundle cover and link


If you are allowed to do any Christmas activities in the classroom you might find some fun ideas here! The song is not specifically Christmas but it’s a great time to review rhyming and there are gifts involved so it would fit the theme! There are also writing activities as well as centers and December story problems.

rhyming song and video cover and link
Christmas writing bundle with December activities cover and link
December activities Christmas centers cover and link
December activities story problems cover and link
December activities digital story problems cover and link

I hope these December activities work well for you and your students! Enjoy planning out the last month of the year!

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