Center Games To Play In Kindergarten and First Grade

I am always looking for new center games for kids to play. I love making centers that allow for a little friendly competition. BUT I also love to give kids the option to play cooperative games where they can all beat the game together. Two of the three games I’m highlighting could have both a competitive side or can be played cooperatively.

Beat It

This is one of my favorite center games! This can be a competitive game OR a cooperative game. To play: Kids take turns answering the skill card and keep it if answered correctly. BUT if they get the card with the animal (or person) they have to give all their cards to that animal (or person). There are also exercise cards to give everyone a little more engagement.

Competitive: The object is to collect as many skill cards as you can.

Cooperative: The object is for the group to collect MORE skill cards than the animal (or person) by the end of the game.

There are many skills to choose from: alphabet, short vowels, beginning sounds, numbers 1-30, addition facts and subtraction facts. You can choose a skill OR mix skills in the game.

Play this game in a small group for a week (or month) then put it in centers. Each month there is a different animal (or person) to compete against. Just click the image below to check it out!

The game "Beat It" cover and link

Spy Rescue

Another of my favorite center games which is also cooperative is called Spy Rescue. There is an alphabet version and two different sight word versions. The kids will name the letter or sight word and take a game spy card if answered correctly. When they have received all three spy cards they are rescued and win the game (or everyone can win the game when the first person gets all three cards).

This is the perfect game for small groups and then add to a center for extra practice.

spy rescue bundle cover and link

Roll & Cover

This is a great independent or partner game. Students take turns rolling dice and counting (or recognizing the pattern – called subitizing) and coloring in (or covering) that number on the recording sheet.

Roll and Cover game bundle cover and link

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