Powerful Reasons To Perform A Musical In Your K-1 Classroom

Kindergarteners and first graders are and have more energy than a pack of Energizer bunnies! They love to sing and dance to everything from “Baby Shark” to “The Macarena” – it’s like a dance party in there! But have you ever thought about taking it to the next level and putting on a musical? I mean, can you imagine children in costumes, singing and dancing their little hearts out? It’s like a mini Broadway!

Why are musicals so important AND educational? Let’s dive in and see!

Listening and Memory Skills

In musicals there are usually dance steps and song lyrics to remember. Kids must be observant, pay attention and listen in order to remember everything. I know…I know…I can hear it now…BUT my kids don’t listen to anything I say! How do YOU listen and learn best? Is it when you are excited about something? Is movement often involved? Your kids will LOVE performance so much that you will find their listening skills increase. That’s a win – win.


But the real learning happens when they start using their imagination and creativity. They can create their own characters and stories, and then act them out on stage. And let me tell you, some of the ideas these kids come up with are pure gold – we’re talking Oscar-worthy stuff here!

Performance Practice

Musicals involve speaking, singing and dancing. They teach kids to be confident, learn how to project their voices and become fierce warriors in front of an audience. This is a skill that I’m still working on…I’ll let you know when it’s perfected…don’t hold your breath.

Working Together

It’s a great way for them to learn how to work together as a team. They can learn about collaboration, communication and problem-solving as they decorate costumes, sets and practice choreography. Does it go perfectly? Of course NOT! But, the bloopers reel will be adorable! They also have to be patient with each other as they practice their lines for the one twentieth time. Working together is not just part of education but part of life!

Try It Yourself

If you think putting on a musical is wildly exciting, try doing it with a bunch of animals! That’s what happens in my musical “Walking To The Zoo”. This musical is about a group of animals that walk to the zoo together. They share their anticipated excitement and fears along the way. If you want a performance that will be a funny, lighthearted crowd pleaser click the picture below to check out “Walking To The Zoo”.

Maybe you just can’t wait to click and want to listen to a sneak peak of some of the songs in the musical, just click the play button below!

You might not be ready to leap into an entire musical, I understand. It is a lot like taking your kindergarten class to the zoo! It’s a lot of work BUT So…Much…FUN! However, I have lots of songs that also have performance tracks with them. Here is a FREE song that you can grab NOW as a BONUS for being a leader who thinks outside the box and is willing to try new things that work (it even comes with 5 activities). Just click the picture below.

If you like my FREE resource I have many, many more songs in the same format with the same types of activities. You could even pick a few of them for a singing performance. The audio comes with vocals as well as without vocals.

Check out this blog post if you want to see another way you could use this music in your classroom:

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So there you have it, folks. A musical in the classroom is the ultimate entertainment, education and comedy all rolled into one. The kids get to have fun, learn new skills and make memories that will last a lifetime. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love seeing a bunch of zoo animals singing their little hearts out?

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