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March Activities For Kindergarten and First Grade

Spring is in the air! Indoor recess is a thing of the past! Or is it? Wait….I think it’s raining again (or is that still snow). Uh oh……well……are you ready to plan March activities? You are wondering what to do aren’t you? You are sitting there, sipping your coffee, looking at a blank piece of paper (or screen) and wondering what themes would work in a month where the weather comes in like a lion and…hopefully…goes out like a lamb! I’ve got you covered! Sit back, relax, sip your coffee and read on.

Here are four themes that would fit perfectly during the month of March.

Maps & Globes

Is there a special place you would like to go? Anywhere but here? I hear you! An activity I love to do during my Maps and Globes unit is put up a large map of my country on the front board. Then a few weeks prior to our unit the kids mail out a letter to family and friends asking for a postcard to be mailed to our school address. During the Maps and Globes week I read the postcards to the class and tape them to the board with a map and tape yarn from the postcard to the state (or city) from which it was sent. This project lasts all month long.

We also sing our Maps and Globes song. This song points out a few differences between maps and globes and comes with some extra activities to do during whole group or small group instruction or during centers.

Here is a really fun writing center with a variety of activities. There are pictures with and without word labels, writing prompts, a book and more. Use this during your writing instruction or during centers.


What’s the weather like today? I can always tell the weather by my favorite barometer – CHILDREN!!!! Do they come in the classroom wild and hyper? It’s windy! Are they bouncing off the walls? It’s snowing! Are they drenched in water? It’s raining (or so hot they are sweating)! Do they look like they are ready to explode? It’s a nice sunny day and they just want to go play! In case you need something a little more academic here are a few activities you can use during your weather unit.

There are lots of writing activities that would be perfect for your weather unit as well.

St. Patrick’s Day

This is a really fun week! There are so many activities to do this week! However, you could weave St. Patrick’s Day activities into your centers all month long. If you want to see how I do centers each month check out this blog post:

Centers Need Routines

Here are some great activities to use for St. Patrick’s Day week including a song (with activities), games, writing ideas and center activities.


Bus, car, train or plane…it doesn’t matter how we get there…it’s just important that we do! Where? To the road map of March activities of course! Here are some activities that can support your transportation unit including a song as well as writing activities that can be used in whole group or small group instruction and centers.

Weekly Plan With Themes

Do you need a plan laid out for you with the themes shown in more detail? To download this thematic plan below and see these March reading and writing activities, click the Download button at the bottom. You can also go directly to any of these resources by clicking on each picture. I have 5 weeks included in case you want additional ideas.

Also, there are resources for alphabet intervention and short vowel passages that interest you (although not themed related so you can use them any time of the year). There are reading, writing, centers, seat work and songs included in this plan.

I hope March is peaceful and calm in your classroom. But if it’s not, I hope you can at least find a resource that will engage your students and make planning a little easier for you.

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