Classroom Management Ideas For Engagement

Are you looking for some new classroom management ideas?

Picture this: You are starting a brand new year. OR you have returned from a break refreshed and ready to continue the year. You can’t wait to see your students! Then that day comes and goes. You get home, collapse on the floor and let your principal know that you will need another BREAK! Ha! Ha! True story for many people.

OR MAYBE you just need some new classroom management ideas!

Classroom management can be a little hairy. If you feel you need to revamp your plan and gain some new classroom management ideas you have come to the right place. Here are 3 ideas that can help you get back on the right track and feel some extra motivation to love teaching again.

Idea # 1 – Use Puppets

When I feel students are not listening or I’m burnt out I like to think about how my students may be feeling. Children love to play! Why not add some fun and play to the day? One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a puppet (or two) during instruction time. Do you need to teach or review how to behave in class? Have the puppet do the teaching (how to and NOT to behave in class). Are your students too loud to hear your directions? Have the puppet whisper something in your ear and let your students know that the puppet will be sharing his or her thoughts when they are ready to listen. Do you need to model a writing lesson? Have your puppet come up with ideas for a topic or ways to spell the word. You can make the puppet’s spelling so outlandishly hilarious that your students help the puppet spell the words correctly (or at least better). You can use your puppet in all sorts of academic ways.

Use different puppets for different parts of your day OR use just one puppet mascot. It’s up to you BUT from experience I know that students will listen to a puppet (even students who won’t listen to anyone else).

My favorite puppets are large, hairy and have a mouth that will open and close (with the help of your hand). But there are all types of puppets out there. Try it out and see if it helps YOU and your students have more fun during the day!

Idea #2 – Reward System

There are a few thoughts when it comes to reward systems. Some people LOVE them and others don’t. However, sometimes I find that they help motivate students as a group. Reward systems do not change ALL behavioral concerns BUT they do help some students. I have a system that uses paper puppets to help with motivation. I use my large puppet to introduce the system. Click the picture below to check out this program.

Idea #3 – Music

My favorite way to get excited about teaching and motivate my students to work and learn is through MUSIC. You can play classical music that is quiet and calming during writing time. Maybe you can search YouTube for fun brain break songs to play throughout the day. Or you can also incorporate songs into your themes and academics all day long. I have written 43 engaging songs that incorporate different seasons and themes. They include academic worksheets that are very easy prep as well. The songs can be purchased individually, by month, by season, in a mini bundle of 12 or all 43 songs. Three of my songs are FREE so you can try out my music and worksheets to see if you like them. Click the picture below to see my Music Resource.

This blog post explains how I’ve used this resource to incorporate Poetry Journals into my classroom:

Tips For Poetry Journals In The Classroom

I also have a song resource for sight words with some activities. Click on the picture below to see this resource.

You might find that using puppets, a new reward system and music sprinkled into your day might be enough to keep your students engaged and having fun. But even more importantly, it might keep YOU engaged and having fun while you teach. That is important. Try one or two of these ideas and see where it takes you!

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