Rhyming and Counting Syllables In The Classroom

I like to teach the building blocks of Phonological Awareness which includes rhyming and counting syllables. It’s so important for preschool, kindergarten and first grade teachers to have solid instruction when teaching these skills. It’s also important for kids to stay active and engaged while learning. Teaching phonological awareness skills doesn’t have to take long. Just long enough to have some fun! I’m going to show you the way I like to approach teaching young children.

Picture of my rhyming and counting syllables activities

Whole Group Instruction

When I teach students rhyming and counting syllables I like to gather them into a whole group at the carpet with my magnetic easel or a pocket chart. I like to teach the skills (I teach rhyming and counting syllables separately) initially by showing examples then allowing them to help me. When we do a rhyming sort I ask “Do these pictures rhyme?” and they tell me yes or no as a whole group. Then I ask individual students to come to the board and place the pictures under the correct heading (Yes or No). I do this throughout the week. It’s quick but kids love to help.

Picture of my Do They Rhyme sort from rhyming and counting syllables resource

Small Group Instruction

I like to take materials that we’ve practiced and bring them to my small group. This is where I can check for understanding once I’ve taught the skill. I have fewer students in my small group so they each have more opportunities to participate in the activity and they are usually having an easier time focusing with less distraction. I add other sorting games to incorporate some novelty. I also love to do activities that involve play such as my Feed the Dog or Feed the Cat games.

Picture of my Feed the Dog rhyming activity from my rhyming and counting syllables resource

Rhyming and Counting Syllables Centers

After my students have had ample time for practice, it’s time to do the skill independently and I’ll put the activities we have been using in our whole group or small group instruction into a center. Students can choose to go to the center for additional practice.

A center activity from my resource

Independent Work or Assessment

I also use worksheets to show me that they understand the skill. Sometimes the work is practice and other times I’ll use it as an assessment so I know if they need additional practice. I use independent work as a “Must Do” before they get to choose a center.

A worksheet from my resource

Rhyming and Counting Syllables Resource

If you think your students would enjoy many of these activities (and more) you can get this resource from my TPT store. These games and activities will allow your students to have a lot of practice with rhyming and counting syllables. The following games are included for both rhyming and counting syllables:

  • Rhyming or Syllable Sort
  • Draw It
  • Feed the Dog (rhyming) or Feed the Cat (counting syllables)
  • Rhyming or Syllable Mats
  • Worksheets

These activities can last for a week or a month OR you can also review these skills all year.

If you are interested in learning about Phonological Awareness routines I’ve put into place in my classroom I share more about that here:

The Importance of Phonological Awareness Routines

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