Teaching Kindergarteners How To Write Is No Fairy Tale

Teaching kindergarteners how to write COULD be a fairy tale if you know the steps to getting them there! Teaching writing is not a perfect linear path but can be a little bumpy in that carriage ride to the castle. But don’t let that stop you! Here are three steps I like to use to help kindergarteners fly into the world of independence.


Teaching kindergarteners how to write takes creativity and skill. Each year I laugh as I remember the day when I was modeling drawing for my kindergarteners and the kiddos shouted out “Teacher, that’s a great cow!”  “Thanks!  Thanks!” I replied.  “It is a rather good looking cow if I don’t say so myself.”  I never admitted to them that I was actually drawing a dog.  Trust me, sometimes you just have to learn to milk it when you are an artistic prodigy.  Besides it’s never too early to train your students to become world renown art critics when you start teaching kindergarteners how to write.


After kindergarteners have practiced being artists for a while, it’s time to teach them something more.  Having your students learn how to label pictures is a great place to start.  I show them how to stretch out a words (hearing the beginning sounds, ending sounds and vowels) and write it next to the picture. Writing doesn’t come automatically for most children but requires time and training. 


As the year progresses, students are ready to begin full sentence writing.  I model for my kindergarteners how to space out words, capitalize the start of sentences and how to use simple punctuation.  I also teach students ways of coming up with writing topics and where to find sight words in the classroom.  If you don’t yet post sight words in the classroom I suggest you give this a try as it can really help your students (I use a Word Wall to post them alphabetically).  Train your students to be independent during writing or you will be the one sentenced to frustration for the rest of the year. 

FREEBIE and Additional Resources

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