Heros in the Classroom

I am about as far away from being a sports fanatic as snow days are from happening in August.  Yet somehow my husband persuaded me into attending with him a professional golf tournament this past weekend.  I was shocked to find I really enjoyed it but couldn’t help comparing the pro golfer’s life with the lives we live as teachers. 

Before I begin, let me say the golfers were amazing and I am in no way trying to diminish their excellence but can’t help wondering what it would be like if teachers had sponsors to provide us supplies for our classrooms like the golfers sporting their sponsor’s logos.  Or to be able to have someone hold up a “Quiet Please” sign and silence rush over a classroom.  Or best yet, when the golfers made an amazing shot the crowd applauded and shouted out words of praise. 

While I can’t sponsor you and I don’t have a “Quiet Please” sign that will instantly hush your classroom I do applaud you.  You, as teachers, are heros.  You are amazing professionals.  Well done.  What you do is amazing and even life changing.  A year from now no one will remember who won the million dollar cash prize but a year from now your score card will be walking billboards as kids’ lives are forever changed for the better.