September 26, 2022

Puzzled By New Year’s Resolutions Day 6

Day 6

Alright everyone! It’s day 6 in the New Year’s resolution puzzle challenge. My husband and I are still going strong and exercising twice a day. We are getting back into great habits and feeling better.

Today many kids and teachers are back in school. Puzzles are great motivators for student behavior (class or individual). Set up a goal and build a puzzle together day by day. You could make completing the puzzle the reward or you could add an additional reward for completing the puzzle.

If I were going to use this strategy in a classroom I would use a smaller puzzle and put magnets on the backs of the pieces. Each day a different student would choose a piece of the puzzle and add it to the magnetic white board (if the goal was met).

Stay tuned tomorrow for some ideas on goals you could set with the class or individual students.

Check out Day 1 to see how this all started.